85th anniversary of the start of regular Arctic scientific expeditions on the drifting stations, called North Pole.

25th anniversary of exhibition business in the field of hydrometeorology in Russia and CIS countries.

10th anniversary of Roshydromets Climate Center

International Forum & Exhibition


International Forum & Exhibition WEATHER CLIMATE WATER / EARTH OBSERVATIONS / GREEN ECONOMY will take place on 20 21 July 2022 at the Expoforum Convention Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the support of Roshydromet Federal Service of Russia on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. The Exhibition is one of the worlds most significant in the field of hydrometeorology, environmental monitoring, Earth observations and green economy.

Forum and Exhibition in 2022 are timed to launching of unique self-propelled ice-resistant platform (IRS) - the North Pole. In July this scientific vessel for Arctic research will start its first test expedition to Arctic Ocean.

The North Poles displacement is more than 10,000 tonnes; the maximum term of autonomous work in terms of food supplies is one year, in terms of fuel - two years. The platforms onboard scientific complex features 15 laboratories. The vessel has a field camp, which can be organized on ice. The platforms team of researchers is 34 people. The platform is 83 meters long, its breadth is about 22 meters, and it is more than 11 meters high. The vessels hull can resist the compression of long-term ice, which has been confirmed in model experiments in the ice pool. One of the decks will have a runway for Mil Mi-8 and Mi-38 helicopters. Platform is the outstanding achievement of national science and technology and has no analogues in the world.

In July 2022, before the North Poles first voyage, there will be unique opportunity to present this vessel to hydro-meteorological community, which is supposed to be one of highlights of Forum and Exhibition.

Forum and exhibition main features:

Presentation of unique self-propelled ice-resistant platform North Pole.

The preliminary themes of other events are as follows:

  • Permafrost monitoring and adaptation to permafrost degradation in the Arctic regions.
  • Digitalization and modernization of Roshydromet
  • 10th anniversary of Roshydromets Climate Center
  • National conference on hydrometeorological and climate services to economy, adaption of economy to climate change. New technologies for improving of hydrometeorological services.
  • Aviation meteorology.
  • Education and hydrometerological safety / climate change
  • Earth observations and geospatial technologies
  • Green economy and climate change
  • Events by the Russian Hydrometeorological Society (including Hydrometeorological Enterprise developemnt)

July is maybe the best time to visit St. Petersburg, when it is warm and you can still enjoy White Nights season. Please, book your accommodation early in order to take advantage of the special rates for exhibition and forum participants!

Forum & Exhibition Main Themes:



2022 marks the 25th anniversary of exhibition business in the field of hydrometeorology in Russian Federation/CIS. In 1997 the first international exhibition METEO EXPO took place in St. Petersburg. Over the past 25 years IMD Expo International in cooperation with Roshydromet and WMO organized12 international hydrometeorological exhibitions and forums. In 2014, METEOREX became the largest exhibition of its kind in history.

The latest event, international Forum & Exhibition WEATHER CLIMATE WATER / EARTH OBSERVATIONS / GREEN ECONOMY 2019 took place in October 2019, with delegates from over 30 countries in attendance.

Forum & Exhibition bring together professionals and decision makers in the field of hydrometeorology, hydrology and environmental monitoring from Russia and CIS, Europe, Middle East and Asia, as well as consumers of hydrometeorological information in all of the weather dependent sectors of economy and related governmental agencies of Russia and CIS: transportation, industry, agriculture, energy, construction, forestry, ecology, natural resources, emergency services, military and law enforcement, municipalities, public health, tourism, and etc.

Technical modernization and digitalization of Roshydromet is underway! One of the most important objectives of Forum & Exhibition WEATHER CLIMATE WATER / EARTH OBSERVATIONS / GREEN ECONOMY 2022 in St. Petersburg is to showcase the latest in hydrometeorological technology for ongoing technical modernization program of Roshydromet, as well for the same programs of hydrometerological services of CIS countries.

Hydrometeorological services for the Northern Sea Route. Roshydroment is actively installing new hydrometeorological servicing of the Northern Sea Route, which includes massive modernization of observation network in the Arctic region. One of the most important objectives of Forum & Exhibition is to showcase hydrometeorological and communication technologies for modernization of hydrometeorological servicing system of the Northern Sea Route.
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Taking part in WEATHER CLIMATE WATER / EARTH OBSERVATIONS / GREEN ECONOMY 2022 is the truly unique chance to present products and services directly to potential buyers in the global hydrometeorological community, to Russian and CIS hydrometeorological establishments, and to their customers - consumers of hydrometeorological information, in the worlds fastest growing hydrometeorological markets of Russia and CIS countries.


International Forum & Exhibition WEATHER CLIMATE WATER / EARTH OBSERVATIONS / GREEN ECONOMY 2022 is one of the worlds most prominent meetings of international geospatial community. The Exhibition is the worldwide showcase for technologies and services in Earth remote sensing, space, air, land and marine Earth Observations. Russian Federation/CIS is one of the worlds fastest growing markets for geospatial technologies and services


Green economy is the key factor in overcoming the negative consequences of global climate change. Green economy, as defined by UNEP, is the one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. A green economy is low-carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive. In a green economy, growth in income and employment are driven by public and private investments that reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Innovative green technologies and services in the following sectors will be presented:

  • Green renewable energy, energy generating systems based on hydrometeorological resources.
  • Water resources, waste water treatment.
  • Green transport
  • Waste management
  • Green industry
  • Green construction
  • Tourism
  • Urban Economy


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