Exhibition Categories


Exhibition welcomes equipment manufacturers, suppliers and service provides in the following areas:


  • Integrated global and regional hydrometeorological systems.
  • Instruments and equipment for meteorological, hydrological and environmental monitoring applications:
         Air quality
         Data acquisition and analysis
         Gas monitoring
         Lightning detection and protection
         Solar radiation
         Water level and flow
         Weather stations
  • Forecasting of natural disasters and coordination in emergency situations. Severe weather early warning systems.
  • Hydrometeorological and climate services to economy. Executive decision making, based on meteorological information, at various levels: federal, regional and municipal governments, industry, and etc.
  • Hydrometeorological safety. Hydrometeorological applications as means of provision of safety of life and property, public health, sports, tourism and general well-being of the mankind.
  • Hydrometeorological services to the City of St. Petersburg.
  • Meteorological information systems supercomputer systems, software, telecommunications, meteorological databases.
  • Expeditions: equipment, transport, vessels, oceanographic equipment.
  • Hydrology.
  • Protection of industrial, mining and energy generating facilities from the negative effects of climate change.
  • Research and education in the field of hydrometeorology.


Technologies and services in Earth remote sensing, space, air, land and marine Earth Observations.

  • Geostatonary and low orbiting space complexes and new generation systems for provision of hydrometeorological services and on-line monitoring of earthquakes and other emergencies;
  • Monitoring of weather and climate-forming factors for the purpose of accurate weather and climate change forecasting, as well as in the near-Earth space environment;
  • Control over the condition of air, water and soil contamination sources in order to provide federal and regional environmental authorities with the information required for executive decision making;
  • On-line monitoring of emergencies;
  • Provision of geophysical and hydrometeorological information to federal, regional and local authorities;
  • Electronic optical space complexes for researching natural resources of the Earth and space systems based on such complexes;
  • Space systems of radar observation, alongside with integrated remote sensing satellite systems of the Earth;
  • Multi-purpose complexes and ground facilities centers for reception, registration and processing of space information from Earth remote sensing;
  • Complexes for validating satellite observations, data banks and distribution of space information technologies;
  • On-board instruments for Earth remote sensing spacecrafts;
  • Information support of land reform realization, rational land utilization and economic activity in the field of land use;
  • Creation of dynamic model of Earth as a system in order to predict ecological balance disturbance and elaboration of measures for man habitat preservation activities;
  • Realization of the agreement of Roscosmos and the City of St. Petersburg on the creation of regional navigational and geo information systems, regional system of reception, processing and distribution of ERS information, promotion of regional system for hydrometeorological support and organization of training of experts, implementation of resource and energy-saving technologies and instrument-making industry development technology;


  • Green renewable energy, energy generating systems based on hydrometeorological resources.
  • Water resources, waste water treatment.
  • Green transport
  • Waste management
  • Green industry
  • Green construction
  • Tourism
  • Urban Economy

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