Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing

Exhibitionĺs official freight forwarder and customs broker is "Pan-BaltService" Company.

Pan-BaltService Company
Russia, 199106 St. Petersburg, Bolshoy pr., 103
Phone:  +7 (812) 322-60-34
Fax:      +7 (812) 322-60-98
Contact persons: Mr. Andrey Galkin (German, English) Ms. Svetlana Grishina (English)

Customs clearing, transportation/forwarding services and haulage of goods on the territory of the Expoforum Convention Center, delivery of exhibits to the stands, packing/unpacking, storage of packaging and other services, associated with exhibition goods are rendered exclusively by ôPanBaltServiceö Company.


The ONLY way to bring exhibits to Exhibition is to send all exhibition goods to the address of the official freight forwarder ľ PanBaltService Company. Due to numerous complexities of customs clearing there is no chance for exhibitors to clear exhibition goods by themselves. All previous attempts to do so failed, and led to unnecessary expenses and late or non delivery of goods to exhibition stands. If you precisely follow all instructions by PanBaltService, you will save time and money, and your exhibits will be delivered to your stand on time for exhibition.

Please, be informed, based on numerous precedents, courier services, like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and etc. DO NOT provide ôdoor to doorö delivery of commercial goods in Russian Federation, and WILL NOT perform customs clearing in reasonable time. We do not recommend employing courier services for delivery of exhibits. If you deliver exhibits by courier service, please, kindly make sure that your contract includes customs clearing and associated paperwork, and REAL ôdoor to doorö delivery to ôPanbaltserviceö office in time for exhibition. Otherwise, you will still have to employ ôPanbaltserviceö for customs clearing.

Official Transportation Company is BTG Expo GmbH
Carl-Benz-Strasse 21
60386 Frankfurt/Main

Contact person: Jakob Unruh
Prokurist / Speditionsleiter / Logistics Director
phone: +49 69 408987 109
mobil:  +49 151 52640471
fax: +49 69 408987 222

BTG Expo, part of BTG Group, specializes on exhibition goods delivery to Russia/CIS.

Basic expenses, associated with exhibition goods.

1. Transportation expenses.
Depending on the rates of the transportation/freight forwarding companies, chosen by exhibitors and means of transportation ľ automobile transport, sea freight, air freight, railway. The organizer recommends exhibitors to employ one transportation company (BTG Expo) so that overall costs could be reduced by assembling all exhibition shipments.

2. Customs fees.
All exhibition goods delivered to Russia for exhibition are subject to customs fees, amount of which depend on the declared value of the goods. These fees are not customs duties, and apply every time the goods cross Russian border. Therefore, if exhibition goods are taken back by exhibitors out of Russia after the exhibition, customs fees apply two times ľ when the goods are brought into the country and out of the country. In such a case, exhibition goods are not subject to customs duties, unless they are imported into Russia and not taken back by exhibitor. All customs procedures are performed by ôPanBaltServiceö Company.

3. Customs duties.
Customs duties only apply when exhibition goods are not taken back by exhibitors and are imported into Russian Federation.

4. Commissions for customs procedures and administrative expenses.
ôPanBaltServiceö Company charges commission for performing customs procedures. Other customs charges may include examination of the goods, administrative expenses and etc. All these expenses will be billed to exhibitors by ôPanBaltServiceö Company

5. Delivery of goods to the stands.
ôPanBaltServiceö Company unloads exhibition goods to the warehouse, delivers them to the stand and back to the warehouse after the exhibition.

6. Storage of exhibition goods packaging.
ôPanBaltServiceö Company rate for storage of exhibition goodsĺ packaging during exhibition is 50 euros plus VAT 18% per each cubic meter.

7. Air freight.
Special rates apply to air freight exhibition goods. Please, contact ôPanBaltServiceö Company for more details

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